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About Us

The Concept

Nature has immense power, power to heal, power to cure, power to destroy. It is in our hands to use this power wisely. If we destroy nature using chemicals and toxins, it will eventually effect our body. If we love nature and use 100% natural products, the nature is going to love us back and nourish us. It will safeguard us from the harms of long term chemical usage and protect us.

How it started?

Our founder Swapnali Mathkar was searching for the best skin & hair care products for her young daughter, and then she rediscovered that the true answer is with her roots! She remembered how her grand mother and mother always used coconut in cooking, coconut oil for skin are hair care. So Swapnali decided to continue this age old tradition of using pure natural coconut oil for her daughter.

Later she thought why to limit this super element for her own house? So she started a small product range which has a strong yet pure natural base of virgin coconut oil extracted from fresh coconut milk. Thus a seed of the great concept of NaturZest is germinated in August 2018!

As the word spread, and as people realized how good virgin coconut oil is for our life, NaturZest started to grow. In Jun 2021, Mrunal Kulkarni, joined Swapnali & a journey of NaturZest LLP started together. Now Swapnali & Mrunal are are working to take NaturZest to new heights and to more and more people. As always , their aim is to increase awareness about natural products and take people to better lifestyle.

Harnessing Nature’s Goodness

NaturZest believes in Nature’s power and thus brings you products which are enriched with goodness of Nature and are 100% Pure. Using NaturZest 100% natural and Pure products in daily life is one step towards better life, one step Closer to Nature and one step towards accepting Nature’s love.

Pure From Core

Coconut, a tropical plant is abundant in western and southern of part of India. People here are very much depended on this tree for many things. This tree and coconuts are important part of their life. Coconut is also called KalpaVruksha in Sanskrit, which means Plant which can grant any wish! and it is indeed!! The coconut core is used in food daily. Oil is extracted from fresh coconut or dry shells. And this oil is used for skin and hair. There are other several usage of this tree.

Our Team

Swapnali Mathkar

Swapnali Mathkar
Founder & Co-Partner at NaturZest LLP

Swapnali Mathkar is an Electronic Engineer by education and has worked as software engineer for more than 14 years, out of which 10 years were in Japan.  Japanese culture, art and nature intrigued her and it also helped her to create a different vision.   After coming back to India for personal reasons, she started writing various articles in Marathi newspaper; published children books in Marathi; worked as executive editor for the Magazine ‘F Fotocha’ for 3 years. Swapnali is an avid photographer and has been doing photography since her childhood. Photography brought her closer to nature and the power of nature always intrigued her.  

While searching for natural & pure products for her daughter; Swapnali started thinking about her roots in Konkan, and then she realised how people were using coconut in their day to day life. She realised how much power the Coconut Core has and this natural and pure goodness form impressed her. Swapnali’s innovative mind came up with various products based on pure virgin coconut oil   

 In early 2018, Swapnali launched the NaturZest brand, with the concept of Natural Products based on pure virgin coconut oil . As the purity speaks for itself, soon the NaturZest products were recognized by friends and customers.  Within 2 years NaturZest LLP  was incorporated along with Mrunal, and now NaturZest products are reaching all over india. 

Currently Swapnali is working on new innovative and natural products for NaturZest LLP. And she always thinks that nature has all the goodness to offer. It is up to us, how we accept it. 

Mrunal Kulkarni
Co-Partner at NaturZest LLP

Education in BE Computers with post graduation in Business Management. Mrunal comes from a very wellknown business family. Her expertise is in sales & marking field. She has spent strong 20+ years in sales & marketing covering international markets. And Now she is focused her strength on NaturZest.