The concept


I am Swapnali Mathkar, Founder and director of NaturZest, the Natural, Vegan & Ethical brand of personal care products. My native place is in Konkan , which is abundant with Coconuts, Kokums, Mangoes and variety of herbs. My heart always had a special place about Coconuts, Mangoes and Kokums. It just needed that right moment to seed the idea of NaturZest.

I believe in Nature and trust that Nature has immense power, power to heal, power to cure, power to destroy. It is in our hands to use this power wisely. If we love nature and use 100% natural products, the nature is going to love us back and nourish us. It will safeguard us from the harms of long term chemical usage and protect us.

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Visit NaturZest’s corporate office in Thane, Maharashtra, the center of our commitment to natural wellness. Located in a vibrant city, our office is dedicated to delivering exceptional skincare and wellness products. Connect with us for inquiries, partnerships, or to experience the essence of NaturZest firsthand. Contact us at [Insert Contact Information] to schedule your visit.

How it started?

It all started with a simple question.

“Mom. What should I apply to my hair and skin?”

Well, yes! I have always tried to give her the best things and so this time too, I was to do the same thing. I was not into skin care but my daughter’s seemingly simple question made me go out in the market, in search of the best, safe & Natural skin and hair care products. 

I was astonished when I started reading product labels in the shop. Even the shop sales girl was surprised to see me reading every detail. She tried to tell me that nobody reads all those madam. But I was adamant and went on searching for the best quality, reliable and natural products. Soon I realized that there are many beautiful products in the market but they have a lot many chemicals which we don’t know about. Some of them may be good but many of them are harmful.  

Then I started looking for answers in my house. What did my grandparents used, or my parents used in their childhood? And I was surprised to find a very simple answer. It was pure Virgin Coconut Oil extracted from the coconuts in the backyard. The new age marketing and globalization made us forget the Pure White Gold which we had surrounding us.   

So I found the solution to my daughter’s question and started using Virgin Coconut Oil at home.  Slowly as the need arises I added Kokum butter and few essential oils in our regime. 

One day suddenly I realised that there may be many others who are looking for Natural and safe products for their family. But I also know that people are used to modern skin and hair care products. They want to use creams, gels, butters etc. 

And that was the start of the NaturZest brand. 

I launched NaturZest skin and hair care products made using Virgin Coconut Oil Extracted from fresh coconut milk. I envisioned those grandmother’s secrets turned into modern yet safe, pure and reliable products.  

And then in 2021, my college friend Mrunal Kulkarni, joined me with a similar vision, and together we made plans to take NaturZest to new heights.  We redefined our logo, packaging and brought NaturZest with a new look but same ideology.

NaturZest, the cruelty free brand which provides Pure, Natural and Ethical Products safe for most. 

Products originated with a mother’s love for a Teenager daughter!

Harnessing Nature’s Goodness

NaturZest believes in Nature’s power and thus brings you products which are enriched with goodness of Nature and are 100% Pure. Using NaturZest 100% natural and Pure products in daily life is one step towards better life, one step Closer to Nature and one step towards accepting Nature’s love.

Pure From Core

Coconut, a tropical plant is abundant in western and southern of part of India. People here are very much depended on this tree for many things. This tree and coconuts are important part of their life. Coconut is also called KalpaVruksha in Sanskrit, which means Plant which can grant any wish! and it is indeed!! The coconut core is used in food daily. Oil is extracted from fresh coconut or dry shells. And this oil is used for skin and hair. There are other several usage of this tree.

Swapnali Mathkar

Founder & Director at NaturZest LLP

Swapnali Mathkar is an Electronic Engineer by education and has worked as software engineer for more than 14 years, out of which 10 years were in Japan. Japanese culture, art and nature intrigued her and it also helped her to create a different vision. After coming back to India for personal reasons, she started writing various articles in Marathi newspaper; published children books in Marathi; worked as executive editor for the Magazine ‘F Fotocha’ for 3 years. Swapnali is an avid photographer and has been doing photography since her childhood. Photography brought her closer to nature and the power of nature always intrigued her.

While searching for natural & pure products for her daughter; Swapnali started thinking about her roots in Konkan, and then she realised how people were using coconut in their day to day life. She found out that her grandparents used home made coconut oil for everything, from food to hair care to skin care and dental care. They used local home made kokum butter for deep skin care. And then she realised how much power the Coconut Core or Kokum has and this natural and pure goodness form impressed her. Swapnali’s innovative mind came up with various products based on pure virgin coconut oil.

In early 2019, Swapnali launched the NaturZest brand as a proprietary business, with the concept of Natural Products based on pure virgin coconut oil. As purity speaks for itself, in no time, NaturZest products started being recognized by friends and customers. In 2021, her college friend Mrunal joined her, and they incorporated NaturZest LLP, and since then, NaturZest products have been reaching all over india.

Currently Swapnali is working on new innovative and natural products for NaturZest LLP, which are reliable, safe and good for everyone. She always thinks that nature has all the goodness to offer. How we accept it, is entirely up to us.

Swapnali believes that NaturZest will be recognized worldwide as The Premium, Natural & Vegan brand which gives people the choice of leading a better lifestyle.

Mrunal Kulkarni

Director at NaturZest LLP


Mrunal Kulkarni has done Engineering in Computers and further studies in Business Management, having professional experience of 22 years. Coming from family of entrepreneurs Mrunal joined a family business & spent early part of her career as Software Developer & System Analyst. After this initial core engineering experience, she decided to shift her career to Sales & Marketing.
This career change really helped Mrunal to explore her real strengths like customer understanding, convincing & negotiation skills, presentations & communication skills etc. This part of the career was focussed on Business to Business (B2B) selling & dealing with customers like electricity companies, engineering companies and large multi nationals.
One of the significant achievements of Mrunal is expanding the domestically focussed family business to international level. As part of her business responsibilities, Mrunal travelled extensively in different countries & contributed to export part of the business.
Consumer marketing or Business to Consumer (B2C) selling is always attractive to Mrunal. She always wanted to utilize her Sales & Marketing experience and explore the consumer market too. Having met with an old college friend Swapnali after quite a gap and sharing common interest, Mrunal decided to pursue her passion for consumer market by joining Swapnali’s proprietary brand NaturZest. And thus NaturZest LLP was incorporated in 2021 by two college friends.

Mrunal brought lot of new ideas for increasing customer reach, reseller network, product positioning, for building NaturZest as premium brand. Efforts are put for making the NaturZest product available on online platforms like Amazon, Big Basket as well as retain chains like Dorabjee. This helped in Increasing presence of NaturZest, all over India and abroad as well .
Mrunal is passionate about connecting with people, building brands, establishing business and she translates this passion in building NaturZest