Why is there no ‘e’ in NaturZest?

Wondering why there is no 'e' in NaturZest? Nature+Zest=NaturZest+E

Why is there no ‘e’ in NaturZest?
E = mc2. This is a formula that is accepted by the world. The ‘E’ over here denotes energy.
Similarly, when Nature bonded with Zest (the inner energy, enthusiasm for innovation), the huge amount of energy released was also denoted with E.
Nature + Zest = NaturZest + E
This gave birth to our unique name: symbolising the power of nature and innovations combined.

Or, if you prefer the more traditional story…

The absence of the letter ‘e’ in NaturZest was a deliberate creative choice. Clearly, the brand name had to be a single word, easy to speak, and yet convey the amazing idea behind its creation.

As you know, we at NaturZest are rooted deeply in nature, and our goal is to harness nature’s energy in its purest form, and bring it to you with its entire goodness intact, arranged into forms that are adapted to our modern lifestyle.
So, ‘Nature’s energy’ seemed to be a good start, albeit a bit too traditional. ‘Zest’ to replace energy was fitting for the bright future that we envision for a modern, natural lifestyle. Now, it became Nature’s Zest. But, it was still two words. So, it was shortened to NatureZest where the ‘z’ compensated for the apostrophe ‘s’. But, it still felt like two words, and it didn’t convey the beauty and symmetry in nature. So, it was further shortened to get it into the form used today: ‘NaturZest’.

This name has a unique beauty to it because of the symmetry in the strokes of ‘N’ and ‘Z’, and the perfectly positioned ‘t’ gives the balance in the entire name, which is also a remembrance to the beautiful way that Nature creates balance in our everyday lives. The short and sweet version of our name, ‘NZ’ also carries a load of that graceful symmetry.

Was it easier to find a domain this way?

Of course! Most brands prefer to use the traditional form of the word, so for us, it was an added bonus to the fact that it also symbolises change into a modern, better world, while still holding on to our roots.

What does this shortened name mean to us?

To us, this way of writing suggests how the smallest possible change can make something so much more beautiful. It shows us just how small a step towards nature can alter our lifestyles for the better. And, it brings us pride in knowing that we have a part, however little, in helping you towards embracing a lifestyle that is modern, and yet deeply rooted in nature.
Of course, with your help, we plan to increase our contribution towards a better, pure and healthier lifestyle.


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